Thursday, October 28, 2010

my documents

This selection of twelve photos are meant to represent big communities of my life. I took photographs of scenes, softball, my family, friends, Hoban, and things I enjoy. Because my pictures weren't perfect and the main portion of the pictures weren't as noticeable and projected, i used photoshop to color correct, and make the images more meaningful and show the focal point of my images. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

10/04/10 Questions

1.) The type of brush that must be used when layer masking and clone stamping is a soft edged brush.
2.) The key on the keyboard that is pressed to select an area to be cloned when using the Clone Stamp tool is the option key. 
3.) Making a selection with the lasso tool is when you can only work within the chosen selection without changing the other arts of the picture. it is used to select a specific area in your picture. With the path with pen tool, you can select a whole area to crop out, so you can add a new background for example. 
4.)Using a layer mask,you can always go back and change the edits you made on the layer mask and it doesn't permanently change the picture. Using the eraser, the picture is completely erased for good and you can't get the original picture. 
5.)"Non-destructive" editing is when you create a layer mask so you don't permanently get rid of the original picture and can always fix the edits you have made. this tool is important because if the person you are editing for or make a mistake , the picture is never permanent and you always have the original picture to go back to.
6.)-The picture that caught my eye the most is the "interview with Emmit Gowin."
     -This photo shows a young woman standing outside her house in her side yard. it is a black and white picture and she looks a little upset. 
    -the object i chose in the picture was the young woman. the picture from her point of view might be that it is in the middle of the day or early afternoon and it is around fall time. what might've happened before the photo was taken was she was walking down or just gazing around at the scenery. from this picture what might've happened afterwards was she went inside or kept outside while looking around. it seems the temperature of the picture is a little chilly out because the young woman is wearing a light looking jacket/sweater. the type of day that the picture was taken in looks like during the day or early afternoon. there might be a few noises of nature around the area of the picture. i feel like that atmosphere of the picture is safe. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ethics of retouching

1.) some ethical considerations that must be made are changing the picture to are making sure that the thought of being beautiful is only available if your photoshop your pictures.

2.) A positive use of photoshop is your are able to make a old torn picture look brand new. you can change the colors and the tares. A negative use of photoshop is changing the whole appearance of someones real image. by changing there hair color, eye color or shape of there face.

3.)learning and using photoshop has made me think differently about the appearance of celebrities big time. i look at them as perfect imaged people but in reality they aren't as perfect as they come off to be, there photos are just photoshopped.